Hello all!

Its finally here! Stitched + Adorned is open for shopping! Please come visit! You can find S + A at stitchedandadorned.com and SnAshop.com!

Please note that the S + A blog is also moving to its new home stitchedandadorned.com/blog!

I’m sad about the move but I will maintain this blog to post none S + A related stuff! I’ve always wanted an outlet for random stuff =)



Been busy busy busy!! I know I keep saying the launch for my website is coming but its really coming! Just working out the kinks and I will be posting it next week! Please stay tuned!

For this Wishful Friday…Arghhhh to die for! Where do I put it???

Maybe I can put this one in my closet!


And this one… if only I have a dinning room!

Check this out!  Its a suitcase chair! I would love a few of these if I have a brick and mortar storefront.

And if I had that storefront… I would put this in the shoe section.

Go check out this store,they have some pretty interesting items! I know Lammy would get a little excited in the Lighting section… and Kero might get a little giddy in the Interior Accessories section! =)

Check these out…

Super cute light jacket on sale for $52.8o!

Great coverup for the beach! Totally reminds me of Missoni! $26.40

Cute romper! $23.80

Super cute dress $26.40

OMG $17.00!

I have to say, I used to buy more shoes, but being that my feet are small {I wear 5 and sometimes even 4.5 if the 5 runs big!} its really hard for me to find good shoes!  Size 5 is usually sold out or not available, so I focused my energy on finding great handbags instead.  I never really paid attention to the Ralph Lauren Shoes Collection but check these out! I LOVEEEE the grey suede pair! And those caramel leather sandals would be awesome with any outfits for summer and fall! TGIWF!


I think this is #4 for Adorned… I haven’t been good with posting teasers lately, been swamped at my day job! But I promise I’ve been working hard on the S + A store and we’re really close!!! Its like sitting in traffic, so close to your exit yet so far away but almost home! Here’s a few teasers for Adorned that I’m really excited about!

Hope, Always Necklace {$8.00}… I love this necklace, its a good reminder that as long as you have Hope, you’re in a good place.

Chained Melody Earrings {$8.00}, how chic are these! These are cocktail earrings for sure.

Sailing Away Necklace {$7.00}. This is probably the cutest necklace in S + A.  Adorable!

What is a Nestrest??? Well, see below! Isn’t that cool??  Too bad I don’t have a space to put anything like this.  I’m thinking I would need some kind of larger yard. The cool thing is you can customize the fabric and colors! I can just imagine myself sitting in that little nestrest with a cup of coffee and doing some sat reading {travel mag, food mag, news on the ipad} … It is wishful Friday isn’t it? =) TGIF!