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Been busy busy busy!! I know I keep saying the launch for my website is coming but its really coming! Just working out the kinks and I will be posting it next week! Please stay tuned!

For this Wishful Friday…Arghhhh to die for! Where do I put it???

Maybe I can put this one in my closet!


And this one… if only I have a dinning room!


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Check this out!  Its a suitcase chair! I would love a few of these if I have a brick and mortar storefront.

And if I had that storefront… I would put this in the shoe section.

Go check out this store,they have some pretty interesting items! I know Lammy would get a little excited in the Lighting section… and Kero might get a little giddy in the Interior Accessories section! =)

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I have to say, I used to buy more shoes, but being that my feet are small {I wear 5 and sometimes even 4.5 if the 5 runs big!} its really hard for me to find good shoes!  Size 5 is usually sold out or not available, so I focused my energy on finding great handbags instead.  I never really paid attention to the Ralph Lauren Shoes Collection but check these out! I LOVEEEE the grey suede pair! And those caramel leather sandals would be awesome with any outfits for summer and fall! TGIWF!


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I’m starting Wishful Fridays!! Simple, every Friday, I list an item I wish for! Maybe the hub will read this and get some ideas haha!

I’ve wanted a Mulberry for a while now but my purse budget quota is up for the summer, might have to wait til next season… makes me sad! but must practice restraint!  Here’s two on my want list!

The Alexa in Pumpkin

Small Polly Push Lock

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