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What is a Nestrest??? Well, see below! Isn’t that cool??  Too bad I don’t have a space to put anything like this.  I’m thinking I would need some kind of larger yard. The cool thing is you can customize the fabric and colors! I can just imagine myself sitting in that little nestrest with a cup of coffee and doing some sat reading {travel mag, food mag, news on the ipad} … It is wishful Friday isn’t it? =) TGIF!


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So I have been drawn to the same style of dresses recently.  Mid length, loose skirt, sometimes belted at mid waist, reminds me of the late 60’s early 70’s; dresses my mom would have worn 30 something years ago, see my Antique Market Find and Halston Heritage posts.  I just found out they’re called Midi!! I’m obsessed with Midis!

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3 Dresses, 1 Belt….

I’m feeling the red, white and blues!! I have my weekend outfits lined up, not sure which to wear on which day but being that Los Angeles is 90-100 this weekend… I’m just happy to be in a dress everyday! Happy Fourth of July!!!!

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I love me some Halston Heritage, I love them even more when they’re on sale!  I would love to have this outfit for a summer date night!

Halston Heritage Spaghetti Strap Pleated Maxi Dress

Halston Heritage Watersnake Clean Flat Belt

Report Signature Juno Platform Pumps

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