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Hello all!

Its finally here! Stitched + Adorned is open for shopping! Please come visit! You can find S + A at stitchedandadorned.com and SnAshop.com!

Please note that the S + A blog is also moving to its new home stitchedandadorned.com/blog!

I’m sad about the move but I will maintain this blog to post none S + A related stuff! I’ve always wanted an outlet for random stuff =)



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Check these out…

Super cute light jacket on sale for $52.8o!

Great coverup for the beach! Totally reminds me of Missoni! $26.40

Cute romper! $23.80

Super cute dress $26.40

OMG $17.00!

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I have to say, I used to buy more shoes, but being that my feet are small {I wear 5 and sometimes even 4.5 if the 5 runs big!} its really hard for me to find good shoes!  Size 5 is usually sold out or not available, so I focused my energy on finding great handbags instead.  I never really paid attention to the Ralph Lauren Shoes Collection but check these out! I LOVEEEE the grey suede pair! And those caramel leather sandals would be awesome with any outfits for summer and fall! TGIWF!


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Went on a field trip with the AndWeAdore girls to the Santa Monica Antique Market on Sunday and it was so much fun! I’ve been to the Pasadena Rose Bowl one several times and that one is huge, need all day to walk that market but the Santa Monica one was easy, we walked it in 2 hours! Kero found some super cute shabby chic vintage furnitures, and Lammy got some super cute plants and I found myself a cute little green vintage dress!!  I love the pleats on it… kinda reminds me of the red Halston dress without the elastic at the waist but this one is from the 60’s! I paid $40 for it which I thought was a little pricey since I’m selling most of the dresses in my store for less than $40 but I couldn’t pass this one up!

I will add a belt to it and probably wear it to an up coming wedding!

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I love me some Halston Heritage, I love them even more when they’re on sale!  I would love to have this outfit for a summer date night!

Halston Heritage Spaghetti Strap Pleated Maxi Dress

Halston Heritage Watersnake Clean Flat Belt

Report Signature Juno Platform Pumps

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I did say I would talk about items that I’m obsessed about right?  If any of you are looking for an amazing eye liner… I have found the one! Trust me,  I’ve tried numerous eyeliners out there.  I only use liquid eye liner for the eyelid but I don’t have steady hands! I’ve found that the ones with a felt tip is the easiest to use, my old favorite was one by Agnes B. but they no longer make that product.  My new favorite is!…. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner! it doesn’t smudge, its easy to apply {even for shaky hands} I love it!

Off to Vegas, have a great weekend!  Stitched –  another teaser next week!

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