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Hello all!

Its finally here! Stitched + Adorned is open for shopping! Please come visit! You can find S + A at stitchedandadorned.com and SnAshop.com!

Please note that the S + A blog is also moving to its new home stitchedandadorned.com/blog!

I’m sad about the move but I will maintain this blog to post none S + A related stuff! I’ve always wanted an outlet for random stuff =)



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I’m not a huge ring person, never have been. I think its because my hands are so small that nothing ever fits!  But I do love them, and, I’m here to share my finds right? so here’s the ring edition… I hope you like it!

Darkness Blooms Ring… This ring is prefect if you want to add a little subtle drama to your accessory. Its about 1″ wide and looks great even on my tiny hands! Will be available for $6!

Next we have the Bow Happiness Ring… So cute and I love the red! Its about a little over 1/2″ wide.  Will be available for $6.00

The Knotty Ring {$6} hehehehe… I think I’m really loving these bow rings! This one is different from the two styles above… I would wear this one everyday!

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Hello again!!

Today’s features are kinda cool, I must say!  Some unique pieces!

I love this Only You Necklace… cause when you wear it, you don’t need anything else! It really does dress up any outfit! {$21.00)

Bloomed Perfection Earrings, how can anyone not adore these!  The colors are just perfect! {$8.00}!

Braided Love Necklace!! A little nautical, a little chic, a little unique! {$9}

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Good Morning!!

I wanted to start the week off with more teasers for Stitched!  I haven’t forgotten about Adorned, I’ll have some more goodies to show you guys later this week but in the meantime, enjoy!

Here we have the Crochet Away Batwing Top($29.99) with the Tie Me a Bow Shorts in Rust($23.00)! I love it tucked in but to be honest its more comfy to wear when its untucked!

Speckled Everywhere Boxy Top ($18.00) will be available in cream(shown) and a light cocoa color, I adore this top… I kept one for myself too hahaha! It is my favorite right now! I wear it with jeans, with shorts, tucked in with a skirt, every way possible! Here I paired it with Tie Me A Bow Shorts in Blue($23.00).  BTW that necklace is amazing, keep a look out! Its gonna be on the next Adorned teaser!

This one, all I can think of is vacation… somewhere exotic and tropical!  Feels Like Tahiti Dress ($29.00)

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Almost done! Last week, my web guy and I were shooting emails back and forth for an entire morning and we have finalized our design!!! I wanted something simple + soft but didn’t want it to scream girly… The only thing is, in this frame, the words looks a  little light and hard to read, might have to adjust to a darker font.  I hope you guys like it!

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Hello There!

Dear All!

I am Karen and my passions in life are families, friends, food, travel, arts, photography and of course… SHOPPINGGGGG!

Shopping is also my weakness, I suppose… it actually might have been once an addiction! It probably started with my first credit card… I used to buy things that I loved but didn’t fit and hoped to stuff, tape or alter them.  This included shoes that were sized too big and guess what; it’s really difficult to walk in stuffed pumps! A lot of my haul ended up, with tags still on, to friends and the Salvation Army.  It’s always sad to part ways but at the end of the day, a girl’s gotta make space in her closet right?

Life long story short, my addiction has led me here… I love my brands {3.1 Phillip Lim, Alice + Olivia, Catherine Malandrino, Halston Heritage, parker, just to name a few} but who can afford to pay $200+ for a dress all the time???  I hunt for value! And I hope to bring value and style {that isnt’ saturated, i.e. F21 *confession: I secretly love them*} to people who share my love for shopping.

I’m here to share my journey… In the quest of starting my own online boutique {Stitched + Adorned} that will offer both value and style, I will write about the process of my new venture, include teasers with pieces that I love that will go into S +A, and just pieces that I’m in obsessed with!

Thank you and come again, come often! I will update weekly!

Karen, Your girl @ Stitched + Adorned

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